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While mental health is a broad topic, we felt that there was a unique and necessary conversation to be had about the challenges of working in theatre while also sharing theatre techniques with those dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.


The Theatre Therapy program is a 10-week theatre program set to take place inside residentials, and alternative schools, for troubled youth for a safe and supportive environment/home-like setting.


Certified Instructors facilitate Genesis’s yoga program which includes up to 2 workshops per year. Yoga brings focus to mind, body, and spirit, where roots of anxiety, disconnection, and depression intersect.

Trauma trainings

Trauma Trainings allow mental health professionals to develop and maintain education to assist individuals with their health, wellbeing, recovery goals and aspirations.

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Access to mental health services. 


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We are expanding and growing our mental wellness programming. For more information, please contact Nedra Tyus; managing director at 330-310-0107

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