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Digital Content & Marketing Manager

Akron, OH, USA

Job Type


About the Role

The primary purpose of the Digital Marketing and Content Manager is to manage all digital marketing campaigns ensuring that the company’s online presence, promotions & projects are meeting brand standards in order to market products and services successfully. The Digital Marketing and Content Manager will develop all digital marketing plans including SEO/SEM, email marketing, social media, and online advertising campaigns. They oversee the development of e-marketing content and exploration of sales channels, collaborate with team members & provide guidance to the design and implementation of marketing campaigns to enhance the overall online presence of the company’s website. The Digital Marketing and Content Manager also analyzes online statistics while identifying opportunities to optimize performance and report insights to leadership.


1. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent professional experience

2. 2-4 years of digital marketing and copy-editing experience, preferably in the performing arts

3. Demonstrable experience leading and managing email, social media, SEO/SEM, and/or display advertising campaigns

4. Working knowledge of WordPress, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Social Media platforms

5. Solid knowledge of Google Analytics

6. Preference given to candidates with graphic design (knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite), photography, video, and audio production and/or editing skills

7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

8. Comfortable with reasonable risk and an entrepreneurial approach to business

9. Collaborate with diverse populations and across disciplines

10. Must be a leader and strategic-minded person who can support the theatre’s vision

11. Willing to participate in trauma informed training and social-emotional learning

12. Self-starter, highly motivated with a high productivity level

13. Possesses a high degree of personal accountability, responsibility, and strong decision-making abilities

About the Company

Genesis Experience Theatre is a 501(c)3 nonprofit in Akron, Ohio. Genesis specializes in three areas- faith, theatre and mental wellness to cultivate diverse audiences & performers through faith-centered theatre experiences.

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