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About Us


We both have stories that involve the "hard stuff". But what we love about theatre is that we learned how to go through the hard stuff, in a fun way. What we love about God is that he accepted us broken. We didn't have to be perfect for him. And that absolutely CHANGED our life! 


So now we watch the magic unfold. 

We believe all people can embrace who God is,

embrace who they are and can change the world.

Our Vision

Genesis Experience's Vision is to help people experience God through Theatre. In 2009, Dr. Pippin wrote his dissertation on the five senses and how we use our senses to experience God fully in worship. 


It was then, God spoke to Ashley & Howard about HIS purpose for HIS Theatre. We work through the five senses (touch, sight, smell, hear & taste) and our 3W Mission (see below). Through our summer camps we seek to educate and inspire children in every community.

Our Mission

WORD: We study the WORD. WE believe that the WORD of GOD is authoritative and in order to live purposefully, we must study scripture!

WORK: We rehearse. We have daily/weekly theatre rehearsals. In order to give you a wonderful show, we must be professional and study our lines!

WITNESS: It's WHO we are! Matthew 5:14-16 Says "You are the Light of the World. Let your light shine bright for others so that they see your Good Deeds and Glorify your father in Heaven." We fully commit to living a life of honesty, integrity and love; so others can see Christ through us!

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