Genesis Experience Theatre, founded in 2010.  Inspired by God, Co-Founder Dr. Howard Pippin wrote his dissertation on the five senses and how we use them to experience and worship God fully. It was then, Co-Founder Ashley merged her Non-Profit “Prayz Hym Productions” into “Genesis Experience Theatre.” The volunteers and actors help each other and the audience experience God through Genesis’ Core Values. Genesis seeks to move people from one level to another artistically and spiritually. 

Collectively, Howard and Ashley have acted, directed, and produced over 50+ productions. They both vulnerably discuss why and how theatre saved their life. They both have stories that involve “hard stuff” and theatre is one way they worked through the “hard stuff. What they love about God is that he accepted them broken and met where they were and met them inside the theatre. Now, they watch the magic unfold.

Mission: To inspire diverse audiences through God-centered theatre experiences. 

Vision: To provide distinctive, essential, and professional theatre to the Akron community. 

Our Core Values:

Inclusive and Safe Environment

We include everyone no matter religion, race, gender, ethnicity, and/or disability. We provide a safe environment for all to comfortably be themselves. 

Hard Work:

We work hard on our productions. We work really hard at loving each other!

Studying the Word

We study the Word to learn more about who God is, who God called us to be, and who we are in him.

Building Relationships

Building long-lasting trusting relationships is essential to human existence. We believe that we need each other and work best when we work together.


1915 West Market Street

Akron, Oh 44313


Tel: 216-965-9804

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