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We Love God!  What we love about God is that he accepts us broken. God is the foundation for us.  Genesis is inclusive and accepts everyone!

Tuition-based Classes, Adult + Youth Productions & Improv Nights. Our Theatre Department provides distinctive & quality experiences for all.    

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Mental Wellness

Emotional, Psychological & Social well-being affects how we think, feel & act. It is important at every stage of life from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. Our Mental Wellness Group provides group theatre therapy for children & adults. 



Mission: To cultivate diverse audiences & performers through God-centered theatre experiences. 

Vision: To provide distinctive, essential, and professional theatre to our community. 

Our Core Values

  • Trust

  • Fun

  • Quality

  • Humility

Our People

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Lynne R. 

My experience with Genesis Theatre was an exciting step-out on faith for me. A step that landed in a spirit-filled place. Our rehearsals were wrapped in a peaceful, comfortable, sharing environment which always began in prayer. I am grateful for the opportunity to (have) come together on one accord with others from different ages & backgrounds to joyfully worship the Lord through theatrical activities.Definitely a blessing I can't wait to do again!

London P.

This is my first year taking theatre and I love it because I am making new friends. I also get to pretend to be different characters. I also learn a lot about God. 

Robert F. 

It began several years ago when I was first introduced to Theater by Ashley! She was a terrific writer then, and has only grown since! Her creativity and vision for theater will captivate you, and draw you in, just like it did me! I see theater in a different light and it's all because of her! Thank you Ashley!!